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The last teeth to erupt in your mouth, wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that usually make their appearance during your late teens and early twenties. If wisdom teeth erupt properly and grow in straight, they usually don’t need to be removed. Unfortunately, all too often, wisdom teeth can cause a host of oral problems, including pain, infection, tooth decay, misalignment, and even jaw and nerve damage.

At Brisbane Maxillofacial Surgery, Dr Akbiyik is an expert in the care and removal of wisdom teeth. For those patients requiring extraction of teeth, we have multiple treatment options available. This can range from procedures done in our rooms under a local anesthetic or for more complex cases (or simply for those who prefer), we have theatre lists available to us for treatment under a general anesthetic.

Why Have a Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Impacted wisdom teeth can result in a wide range of problems. Patients can experience severe pain from these wisdom teeth and they can also damage healthy teeth near to them. In some cases periodontal disease external infections can occur.

Removing these teeth early can save a lot of future problems, because even teeth that are symptom free can hold some form of disease – prevention is better than cure.

The maxillofacial treatment for this is very successful, so the downside to this procedure is minimal.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedure

The surgeon administers a local anesthetic (or general anesthetic for multiple teeth, if needed). Any gum or tissue covering the area is removed.

The tooth can then be cut into small pieces to make extraction easier.

The area can then be stitched. Generally the recovery process is just a few days long.

You may experience bleeding and swelling but if managed correctly these diminish in a few days.  As for procedural risks there are small risks of nerve damage and infection. These are however rare and come as a standard with any medical procedure.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction FAQs

Q: Treatment Time?

It all depends on the quantity and location of the wisdom teeth. In general one tooth can take from 20 to 60minutes. Also allow time for anesthetic procedures.

Q: Are There Risks?

Swelling and pain can occur around the socket where the tooth was removed. Heavy bleeding and jaw pain is not unusual. The blood clot protecting the treated area should be left in as long as necessary or a substantial amount of pain and bleeding can occur. Rarer risks include jaw fractures and openings in the sinus cavity.

Q: Recovery Time?

You should allow at least 24 hours after the treatment before going back to work and give any strenuous activities around a week of rest.

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